As you know we are a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding those less fortunate. We gladly accept and appreciate all donations. 

Taytu Foundation : Established in Atlanta Georgia ( USA ) is a non profit organization that promotes education and health for Ethiopian children's. Many children are not attending School because of their Family's financial hardship, medical or other uncontrollable situation.

We at Taytu  work with the Government and non Government organization(NGO) Corporations,Community Groups, and individuals to bring effective and long lasting solutions to the children of Ethiopia.

Currently we are working in partner with:

1.The Ethiopia Assemblies of God Church Aid and development Association.

Contact person:

MR. Solomon Berhane Kebede

Phone number is : 252-911-90-60-70
P.O. Box # 21119
Addis Ababa

2.Ethiopian Volunteers  for family development

Contact person:

MR. Amare Gebre Kidan

Phone number is :  251-001-8-40-08-64
Addis Ababa
P. O. Box # 41434

Mrs. Melkamsera Alebel Teferi, The Empress Taytu Bitul Foundation representative in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa is working  closely with those and other organization to deliver the mission of Taytu.

Phone number is :  011-251-09116353411

Your Donations At Work:

To our valued members and anonymous donors: We thank you sincerely. Your donations and volunteer efforts make a profound difference in the lives of many. 

Using your donations to change the lives of many.

Donations may be sent ,Via check or money order. 

For donations by mail,Please  address your envelope to:
    Empress Taytu Bitul Foundation
    P.O.Box # 393175 
    Snellville ,GA 30039

Contact Us:
Empress Taytu Bitul Foundation
P.o Box # 393175
Snellville , GA 30039
United States of America.



Wollie A Ammedie
Chairman of the Foundation.

Empress Taytu Bitul Foundation Inc is a 501 (c)(3) organization and all contributions are tax-deductible as permitted by law.