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Empress Taytu Bitul was born from her father, Ras Bitul Hayle Mariam, and Mother Weyzero Yewobdar around 1851. Her fathers’ family was the ruling family from Semen, and claimed desent from Emporer Susenyous, her uncle Dejazmach Wube Haylemariam, was the ruler of Northern Ethiopia in the 1840’s. 
The other side of her father’s family was descended from the powerful ruling of the district of Yejju Wollo.

Empress Taytu Bitul, wife of Emperor Manlike, was a great leader and chief architect of foreign affairs in Ethiopian history. She stood by the side of those who endeavoured for Ethiopia's well-being. Often Taytu is known for her talent as a negotiator, counsellor , and critical observer in resolving political problems. Her analytical competency was recognized by Emperor Manlike and her dignitaries.

Taytu initiated the building of new capital city and named it Addis Ababa. She erected the first hotel in Ethiopia. She had also the leading force in establishing the first bank in the country.

Taytu, in her refusal to submit to Italian protectorate ship, said, "We Ethiopians are self-reliant and do not need your protection. We are never afraid of you. I assure you that we can drive you out of our country with a speed equal to a rolling stone from a tip of a mountain."

Taytu, when an Italian diplomat threatened to use force, courageously told him that whatever the cost she would prefer going to war and defend her country to being subjected to Italian rule.

Taytu was leading one of the battalion in the war front during the Italian invasion, she and her followers provided all the logistic support including care and medical assistance to the wounded. Also, Taytu led her army to free a strategic spring from the occupation of the enemy force in Adwa.

Therefore, Taytu was one of the great leaders who translated her word into action selflessly to protect her country's interes



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The Empress Taytu Bitul Foundation is a non-profit organization, and our mission is to put Ethiopian children to school. Many Ethiopian children are not attending school not out of their choice, because of family financial hardship, medical problems, familial deaths from war, the AIDS epidemic and many other uncontrollable situation within the country. Currently, many Ethiopians children are living in the street of the cities with no help, hope, and an uncertain future.

Our goal is to bring effective and long lasting solutions to those children in Ethiopia.

We at the Taytu Foundation are dedicated on working hard to help the children by providing what’s missing: Enough Food, Medicine and Clothing. Improving these living conditions and also bringing them back to school will give them the opportunity to flourish and create a talented and productive generation.
We at Taytu work with the Government and non-Government organization(NGO) Corporations, Community Groups, and individuals to bring effective and long lasting solutions to the children of Ethiopia.